Monday, October 4, 2010

Quit Smoking For Good

If you've ever tried to quit smoking and failed you've probably wished that there was some way to quit smoking for good. I've spoken to people who have tried ten, even fifteen times sometimes to quit smoking but, in the end, have always gone back to the hazardous to our health, cancer causing sticks that come in pretty packages. It does not matter that these people knew that cigarettes were basically death or cancer in a gift wrapped box addressed to them, they knew that and that is why they were trying to quit at the time. What mattered was that their physical and mental addiction to the nicotine seemed to great to overcome. If you are like most Americans then you've probably got a rather high stress level from your job or school and, like the people I have spoken to in the past, reach for a smoke or two to help you get through those stressful days on the job or your late night study sessions. However, I'm sure that you too know that smoking is extremely hazardous for your health and lungs and that you need to quit, on top of that that it can be an extremely difficult process for some.

It doesn't have to be. The products that are out there are fine, and ninety nine percent of them work exactly as they are marketed to. The only reason why they get a bad rap sometimes is because people are unwilling to stick to the strict regimens that are needed to keep them on the path to quit smoking for good. People who quit successfully over time seem to develop a sort of willpower unique to smokers in that they can give up their physical addictions, such as the oral fixation, by replacing it with something else and, eventually, weaning themselves off of that thing as well. You can also curb the mental addiction rather easily by replacing it with something physical, such as exercise, that occupies your thoughts or takes your mind off of smoking so much. The hard part is that these things take time to get used to and, if you have not developed that special willpower then you will not succeed in your quest. So, not only do you need to follow the directions on the product to a tee, but you also need to develop unwavering willpower to successfully quit.

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