Monday, October 4, 2010

Will You Quit Smoking Weed in 2010

Another year spent smoking weed?

Do you want to quit weed and get on with your life?

Then make it your sole purpose to do it in 2010. Meaning that if you could only achieve one thing for the whole year then let quitting weed that one thing. If you smoke $20 of weed a day and quit today, then this time next year you would have $7280! If you stop smoking cigarettes as well then you would save another $1500.

I promise you, when you quit smoking weed the other things you want become much easier to get, your head is clear and priorities seem to change. You will find that doing things like keeping your place tidy, talking to people and anything that used to seem like a chore will be 'for filling' and fun.

So are there any bad points?

Well yes, the actual quitting weed part of the program is what stumps a lot of people.

We all know what it's like to have no weed. There mere words 'no weed' sends fear to most reading this. But why should it? You are going to feel so much better when you quit, no more feeling lethargic or as I like to call it 'zombified.' Having more energy than you can remember will feel like you are young again, or for those of you who are still young, you will feel more energetic, healthier and happier than you have felt in years.

Does quitting weed really make that much difference?

Hell YEAH!

It's a slow decline, many weed smokers don't see it. But think about how active you were when you first started. How much wittier you were and how much better your memory was. It doesn't happen over night, but slowly over time weed affects every area of our lives. It affects us when talking to people, it affects our confidence along with our health.

Is smoking worth it?

When we consider all the benefits of quitting weed and compare them to the reasons to smoke, smoking weed doesn't make sense.

* The money it costs
* The energy it takes
* Bad memory
* Bad relationships with those around you
* Paranoia
* Anxiety
* Stress
* Depression
* Lack of emotions
* Getting nowhere in life

All that and we STILL smoke weed? I know the reason you smoke weed and I know how easily you can quit weed... If you want to?

Top Tips to Help You to Quit Smoking

1. Rate your craving on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest.

2. Whilst concentrating on the craving start to tap gently under your eye with two fingers ten times.

3. Still concentrating on your craving, tap on your collarbone ten times

4. Now tap under your eye ten times.

5. Now tap on the side of your hand (the karate chop point) ten times

6. Now start to tap on the back of your hand between the pinkie and third finger.

7. Still tapping this point, hum or whistle "Happy Birthday"

8. Still tapping this point count from 1 to 5.

9. Still tapping this point, hum or whistle "Happy Birthday" again.

10. Still tapping this point look down and to the right. Then look down and to the left.

11. Still tapping this point, roll your eyes around in a big circle as if looking around a giant clockface.

12. Still tapping this point, close your eyes, and then open your eyes.

Ok, now rate your craving from 1 to 10 again. You should find that your craving has been reduced. If you want to reduce it some more, try repeating the technique again

Quit Smoking For Good

If you've ever tried to quit smoking and failed you've probably wished that there was some way to quit smoking for good. I've spoken to people who have tried ten, even fifteen times sometimes to quit smoking but, in the end, have always gone back to the hazardous to our health, cancer causing sticks that come in pretty packages. It does not matter that these people knew that cigarettes were basically death or cancer in a gift wrapped box addressed to them, they knew that and that is why they were trying to quit at the time. What mattered was that their physical and mental addiction to the nicotine seemed to great to overcome. If you are like most Americans then you've probably got a rather high stress level from your job or school and, like the people I have spoken to in the past, reach for a smoke or two to help you get through those stressful days on the job or your late night study sessions. However, I'm sure that you too know that smoking is extremely hazardous for your health and lungs and that you need to quit, on top of that that it can be an extremely difficult process for some.

It doesn't have to be. The products that are out there are fine, and ninety nine percent of them work exactly as they are marketed to. The only reason why they get a bad rap sometimes is because people are unwilling to stick to the strict regimens that are needed to keep them on the path to quit smoking for good. People who quit successfully over time seem to develop a sort of willpower unique to smokers in that they can give up their physical addictions, such as the oral fixation, by replacing it with something else and, eventually, weaning themselves off of that thing as well. You can also curb the mental addiction rather easily by replacing it with something physical, such as exercise, that occupies your thoughts or takes your mind off of smoking so much. The hard part is that these things take time to get used to and, if you have not developed that special willpower then you will not succeed in your quest. So, not only do you need to follow the directions on the product to a tee, but you also need to develop unwavering willpower to successfully quit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tips for Stopping Smoking

Smoking is highly addictive

Many people start smoking when they are young and most usually in their teens. This is often a response to peer group pressure or in the misguided attempt to cultivate a particular image.

Smoking is dangerous and harmful

Smoking is the leading preventable cause of premature death and illness around the world. Its harmful effects take hold from the very first cigarette you smoke.

The fact that many smoking related illnesses and diseases take time to develop and show up makes this fact initially hard to take on board, nevertheless it is true.

Quitting smoking will improve your health

This is a fact and one that comes true from the very first day your quit. No matter how much damage you think you may have caused yourself by smoking if you stop now you will prevent more damage and see an improvement in your overall well being.

Commit yourself to being a non-smoker

Once you've made up your mind to be a non-smoker for yourself, you will achieve it.

Don't rely on willpower

Either you have or you don't have a strong enough reason to quit. Once you have a strong enough reason everything else about the quit will be easier.

Prepare to stop

Break the process of stopping into manageable parts:

  • Nicotine withdrawal
  • Breaking you habit, and
  • Coping with your new identity as a non-smoker

Understand each part and prepare a plan of strategies and distractions to help you cope with each of these areas. Once you have done that:

  • Get as much support as you can from family, friends, colleagues, helplines, support groups, your doctor, the Internet or whatever suits you most.
  • Ask you doctor or pharmacist about smoking cessation products, such as Nicotine Replacement Therapies, and be prepared to use them.
  • Set a date for quitting and then stick to it.

Stop and stay stopped

Be ready and prepared for problems that may crop up and have coping strategies planned for dealing with them that suit your needs.

Use medical support if you need it and remember to take one day at a time.

If you don't succeed

Try again and again and again if necessary. Eventually you will manage to quit.

Good Luck!

For more information on how to quit smoking without stress, contact

An Effective Quit Smoking Plan is All You Need

A quit smoking plan should be very well thought of to make sure you succeed in finally kicking the habit out the door. Most cigarette smokers who want to quit are concerned with nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Some of them even get intimidated with these that they just forgo the thought of quitting. They think it's better for them to just continue smoking than travel the long road to a cigarette-free life.

You should not be scared of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These are part of the process. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms happen because your body is trying to adjust to the decreasing levels of nicotine in your circulation. These are normal occurrences. Having a quit smoking plan helps you prepare yourself for the process. Following a plan keeps you on the right track and reduces any risks of giving up.

Think and act
Your actions are the reflections of your thoughts. If you want to stop smoking, start by thinking about it. The only thing that should be in your head in terms of smoking is that you want to stop. Don't think about cravings or withdrawal symptoms or if you can do it. Just focus on the thought that you want to quit and do it. Talk to other people about your plans or write it on a journal. The more you think about it, the more it will be easier for you to do.

Ask for advice, suggestions and tips
If you have friends who were once smokers, ask how they did it. Be inspired by their stories. Search online for smoking cessation products that you can use. Look for support groups. The more available information and support you have, the better.

Modify Your Lifestyle
A quit smoking plan is a life-changing decision. Expect that you might need to change some of your habits like drinking coffee while smoking. If you think you can't have coffee without a cigarette, then stop drinking coffee for a while too. If you think it will be hard for you to resist the urge to smoke when in the company of smokers, avoid hanging out with smokers until you are strong enough to resist the temptation of smoking with your friends.

There are a lot of things you can do to stop smoking. The best quit smoking planis to focus, have the motivation and commitment to reach your goal whatever it takes.

Reference: Jennifer Holland

The Benefits of Quitting Smoking - Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Now

For many people, the health benefits of quitting smoking serve as the biggest motivator for kicking the habit. There is no doubting the fact that smoking affects people's health in many different ways, and often smokers are driven to quit in order to alleviate these concerns.

The health benefits of quitting smoking start almost straight away, as after 20 minutes of not smoking blood pressure and the pulse rate decrease while the temperature in the extremities increases. After just eight hours of not smoking, carbon monoxide levels also go back to normal and the chances of a heart attack begin to decrease. The ability to taste and smell is also improved after a few days of not smoking.

After the first month or so of not smoking, some of the biggest and most noticeable health benefits of quitting smoking start to occur. These include:

- Improved lung function and capacity
- Increased circulation
- Physical addiction to nicotine broken

Although they are not as noticeable as some of the other health benefits of quitting, most of the important health improvements come in the years after quitting. After one year of stopping smoking the risk of a heart attack drops by half, while after up to fifteen years after stopping smoking:

- The stroke risk is reduced to that of people who never smoked
- The risk of lung cancer drops to half of that of smokers
- The risk of death and coronary heart disease is similar to those who have never smoked

After knowing these benefits of stopping smoking, will you decide to quit now?

Refence :Rui_Jiang

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stop Smoking Naturally

If you are looking to stop smoking naturally you really need to focus on what you really want the outcome to be. As long as you know that at the end of the day you want to end up as a person who has butted out then go ahead and stop smoking naturally or any way you want.

Anyone who is serious about quitting the nasty habit of filling their body with poison needs to first take a long hard look in the mirror. If you think you will quit because someone asks or tell you to then sorry you will find that you are still smoking. The only way you will ever quit is by finally knowing and believing that you want to quit.

So what does it mean to actually give up the habit? It can actually mean a few different things in my eyes. Many people will think it is by using natural aids such as herbs and so forth. In many cases it very well may mean that. However when I talk about how to quit smoking naturally I mean natural.

To me if you are going to quit smoking naturally the only thing you really will be doing is using water and will power. To me that's what natural does. The will power will provide the determination while the water will provide the replacement for cigarettes.

I don't care who you are, what you smoke and how long you have been smoking it. If you have the will you will quit and that's all there is to it. Some people can stop smoking naturally while others will need a lot more help.

You want to look around as a smoker and realize just how quickly smokers went from being the majority to being the minority. As smokers we used to be able to light up almost anywhere. Hell taking that good old fashioned drag was the thing to do. Now it really isn't the thing to do anymore. The looks you get could turn water into stone.

Almost everywhere you go has turned against people who light up except maybe your vehicle, your house and a few outdoor venues. The sad thing is even the non smokers are fighting behind the scenes to make it illegal to even smoke in your own house. That would be the day I leave the country.

I am an ex smoker who did stop smoking naturally for the most part. I am not the kind of ex puffer that makes smokers lives hell though. I do believe in some of the rules like not allowing smoking in public places where children are present and so forth.

At the end of the day no one can deny the fact that the habit is terrible for your health so you really should be putting some thought into how you are going to stop smoking naturally.
In today's society it really is all about quitting smoking. Dale has recently successfully quit and would like to share as much as he can about quitting smoking and how he did it. You can check out his one blog at Quit Smoking Journey. Also check out his brand new site at

Reference :  Dale_Mazurek